Gaston Reverchon was born in 1901, The company enters its second century of innovation !


In the actual range of products more than 250 water rides and 80 coasters have been built

Decoration and Theming


A great ride means a good Decoration and a good theme.

Give life to your Ride and ask for more ! 

Check out our stunning new Spinning mouse concept !!


BE The first one !

Quality control


Because our work requires extreme profesionalism, for the highest safety.

We work to give our client the best equipment possible.


Some copies of our rides are on the market and are less expensive... Don't ask why.

After sale &

spare-parts Department


We guarantee part & services all along the life of your ride.

Wherever in the world

Research & Development


Each Year, Reverchon dedicates more than 20,000 hours to

research and engineering 

on new concepts and upgrades of successful amusement rides

World wide Services


Installation and on site assistance around the globe

All our products are designed to meet severe international standards for the highest safety 

Reverchon offers a variety of professional services to insure the best quality with the highest reliability

Partners & Supports