Reverchon & Co will partner with a touristic place, to make their location even more attractive with an added value, namely a ride, be it a Carousel, a Ferry’s Wheel, a Panoramic Tower, a kiddie ride, or a small city train. All of these attractions have been pulling the clientele like magnets.


The Partner can easily communicate on its new activity to increase its attendance flow.

With our solution, the operator does not take any investment risks, the ride is purchased by Reverchon & Co and the partner is only in charge of attracting guests with a new communication mean.


Our concept offers a complete solution, from purchase to operation, including market study and project feasibility. The touristic place will have the best added value and the new attraction will give an additional reason to people to visit the location or to come again with a different point of view.


We work worldwide. Due to our long-lasting experience in rides manufacturing for customers all over the world, we are flexible and adapt ourselves to the location and the market. 

More than 3000 amusement rides have been delivered since the company's establishment, meaning more than 10 billion passengers all over the world (Disney World, Parc Astérix, Jardin d’Acclimatation, Walibi, Six Flags, Compagnie des Alpes…)

We are able to operation any kind of equipment on any kind of site.



Option 1: Partial partnership - Provision of equipment


Reverchon & Co offers this solution to partners wishing to operate the attraction themselves. After discussion with the partner on the choice of ride, Reverchon & Co makes the equipment available to the partner, in the form of an operating or rental license. This turnkey solution provides total freedom and management of the attraction by the partner. Reverchon & Co is not involved in the daily management of the attraction but remains at the partner's disposal for periodic or active maintenance (in the event of a breakdown) of the equipment.


Option 2: Full partnership - Lease and operation of the equipment


Reverchon & Co offers this solution to partners not wishing to take any financial risk. For this option, Reverchon & Co rents the site to the partner and operates the attraction and pays the partner a rent for the provision of its place. This option offers the possibility of attracting more customers without any investment. The partner remains free without any financial constraint.